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Then Anti-Tragus Piercing is for you. Anti Tragus Piercing looks amazing when the right jewelry is used. It becomes hard for the people to take off their eyes from this awesome piercing. Let us tell you everything about antitragus piercing in great detail Anti-tragus piercings are a type of cartilage piercing that have grown in popularity over the past couple years, especially as constellation and micro stud styles have become so chic. The earring goes through the fold skin on the small, curved area above your earlobe, sitting adjacent to the tragus (thus its name) Daith piercing 16 18 gauge hoop with amethyst, purple orbital hoop, hoop for anti tragus piercing, 16g cartilage jewelry in sterling silver HarshandSweet. From shop HarshandSweet. 5 out of 5 stars (1,692) 1,692 reviews $ 12.11. Favorite Add to.

The Tragus Piercing is located in the tiny protrusion of cartilage opposite to the rim.. A normal healing time is from 3 to 9 month but takes often longer as it is an area often solicited. The Antitragus Piercing is located in the small cartilage above the earlobe. Like the Tragus Piercing it takes from 3 to 9 month to heal and sometimes longer This piercing was performed on a new client, who is looking to connect later on her rook to this anti-tragus, with a custom industrial barbell. If you have a.. Anti-Tragus Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare. The best jewellery for your anti-tragus is a curved barbell, ball closure ring or circular barbell. If the anti-tragus is particularly small we recommend using micro jewellery. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with saline solution. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until. Anti-Tragus 30 minuter, Tragus 30 minuter, Professionell piercing i Eskilstuna med mångårig erfarenhet. Vi använder enbart säkra metoder som är skonsamma för dig och din vävnad. Bilder. Visa alla bilder. Detaljer och kontakt. Anti-tragus piercing aftercare Wash your hands before touching or cleaning the piercing Dip a sterilized cotton ball in warm salt water and gently clean the pierced site twice a day Rinse the piercing well with a mild soap while taking a bath Use clean paper towels to pat dry the pierced area Avoid wearing headphones or earphones Change your pillow covers and bed sheets regularly Do not sleep.

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Feb 27, 2020 - Explore Michaela Frismodt's board Anti tragus piercing on Pinterest. See more ideas about Piercing, Anti tragus piercing, Tragus piercings What Is an Anti-Tragus Piercing? The anti-tragus, much like the tragus, is a section of cartilage. If you look at your ear and put a fingertip on the tragus, you'll see a notch where the cord to an earbud would sit. On the other side of that notch is the anti-tragus, sitting just above the ear lobe Anti tragus piercing healing and infection. It might take from 8 to 16 weeks to heal totally the piercing. To prevent infection, you should focus on the aftercare process. Otherwise, you need to know some first signs and symptoms of infection like pain, redness, swelling and yellow discharge Anti Tragus Piercing - Ultimate Experience Guide Christina Andrusenko - November 28, 2019 If you are looking for a piercing trend that will make you stand out, then getting anti tragus piercings could be the best idea

På Rockflame har vi samlat en brett utbud av tragus piercing-smycken att välja bland, något som gör det enkelt för dig att skilja dig från mängden och uttrycka din personlighet. Våra kroppar är ju olika och vi har olika modeller som just ska passa dig. Vi har stora och små, i alla färger och modeller du kan tänka dig. Det finns flera olika material att välja mellan allt från. Hi lovies! After much technical difficulty - here is an update on my 7 piercings!! Open for all the details & timestamps: I talk mostly about my recent pierc.. Anti -Tragus Ear Piercing Anti-tragus is located on the elevated fold of the ear which is located just opposite the tragus .It's the place where anti tragus is pierced. Though cost and care for both of these variations come close to the same, due to its risky location, I suggest you to check with the piercer's portfolio before getting it done

Anti-Tragus piercing The elevated fold of tissue visible outside the ear, which is above the lobe and opposite the tragus is called the anti-tragus. The anti-tragus is sometimes too little to be pierced; however, in most cases, micro jewelry can be used Anti-Tragus Piercing Anti-Tragus Piercing. 17 December 2016 / Comments. Submitted by DaVo on 17 December 2016 . Located on the top of the lobe. heal about the same as the normal tragus but because of location they may tend to get more abuse. Healing Time is 8-14 weeks; Common Jewelry 20g to 14g 5. Tragus piercing is a popular type of piercing on the ear cartilage just in front of the ear canal. If you are thinking about getting your tragus pierced, you are probably wondering if the piercing will be painful. During the healing process, you may also feel some pain. So, the faster the tragus piercing heals, the less pain you will have

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Versatile piercing hoop of twisted stainless steel I'm still bad at measurements and ordered the 0.8 mm instead of 1-1.2 mm, but that made it even better as they look - Steliana, 9 Nov 2020 Basic versatile surgical steel piercing ring It was exactly as expected, very nice quality, i squeezed one a bit too much and managed to bend it to an oval shape. Types of Tragus Piercing. Though ear piercing types are quite a few, there are only two types of tragus piercing, both of which are associated with perforation of the tragi part of the ear. The conventional type is the one that we already know about. The second type of tragus piercing is called anti-tragus piercing

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