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Weigela 'Victoria' plants from Thompson & Morgan - experts in the garden since 185 Weigela Victoria A gorgeous deciduous shrub, adaptable to most situations. It has profuse deep reddish-pink, narrowly funnel-shaped flowers singly or in clusters in mid- to late Spring. Often produces further sporadic flowers during summer. Maroon-purple tinted, dark green leaves throughout the growing year. Easy to m

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Find help & information on Weigela 'Victoria' weigela 'Victoria' from the RH Telefon 042-20 72 90 Telefax 042-20 77 38 E-post info@granquists.se. ADRESS. Ausåsvägen 152 S-262 92 ÄNGELHOL Köp blommor, växter, jord för ditt hem & trädgård. Vi erbjuder 1 års växtgaranti på trädgårdsväxter. Våra experter hjälper dig i alla våra butiker & online 19.09.2015 - Weigelie 'Victoria' - Weigela florida 'Victoria' How to upgrade the entrance of your house and increase the attractiveness of the curb That., #Attractiveness #revalue #Curbs #the Best Picture For Dekoration hauseingang holz For Your Taste You are looking for something, and it is going to tell you exactly what you are looking for, and you didn't find that picture

Victoria Weigela has dark green/burgundy leaves. Grows well in any type of soil and is easily maintained. The dark pink flowers are shaped like a trumpet and bloom in late spring. They will repeat bloom if you cut off the old flowers after blooming. Victoria Weigela flowers will attract humming birds to your garden in large numbers. they look great planted alone or in group plantings Weigela, prakttry, tillhör familjen kaprifolväxter (Caprifoliaceae). Det är ett mindre släkte med bara tiotalet arter av lövfällande buskar från Ostasien. Bladen är hela och sitter motsatta eller i vissa fall kransställda. Blommorna är femtaliga och trattformade. Frukten är en torr kapsel Weigela florida 'VICTORIA' Weigela florida 'VICTORIA' weigela. SIZE/TYPE: medium-sized shrub: USUAL HEIGHT: 1.5-2m: USUAL WIDTH: LEAVES: deciduous broadleaf: COLOUR OF LEAVES: burgundy red FLOWERS: showy: COLOUR OF FLOWERS: deep pink BLOOMING TIME: May - June : LOCATION. Weigela Victoria Characteristics. Ideal for beds, borders and informal gardens. Low maintenance; Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grown; Price Includes VAT; Description. One of the best Weigela Plants for gardens for flower colour. Victoria is a compact, dark leaved, deciduous shrub with a dense, rounded habit typically growing to about 4ft-6ft tall and as. Weigela florida Victoria, Rosenprakttry, busk C3,5 rosa, brungröna blad, 80-120cm, juli-aug, sol, halvskugga, zon 1-3. Tyvärr ingår inte denna produkt i vårt sortiment för tillfället

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10.05.2017 - Weigelie 'Victoria' - Weigela florida 'Victoria' Gemerkt vo Weigela 'Victoria' (Weigela). There are 12 species of arching deciduous shrubs, with pointed, elliptical deep green leaves which are about 10cm long. The foliage is either orange, red or purple in the autumn. In mid spring, masses of white, pink or crimson, sometimes yellowish, bell or trumpet-shaped flowers are produced

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SPR INFO AB Åforsvägen 11, 384 30 Blomstermåla tel: 0499-201 50 e-post: info@sprinfo.s Weigela florida is a deciduous shrub that has a rounded shape due to having a wider spread than height. There are many cultivars available but the typical Weigela plant has a range in height of 72 to 120 inches (180-300 cm), and a spread of 100 to 144 inches (250-350 cm). Bark is gray-brown. Branches are course and have a habit of arching to the ground Weigela florida 'Variegata' is one of the best variegated weigelas available. It's smaller and more compact than the species, with dense cream and green leaves, and prolific rose-pink blooms. Perfect for a warm sunny site, it works well with a variety of herbaceous perennials and other shrubs Weigela florida [1] är en tvåhjärtbladig växtart som först beskrevs av Aleksandr Andrejevitj Bunge, och fick sitt nu gällande namn av A. Dc. Weigela florida ingår i släktet prakttryar, och familjen Diervillaceae. [2] [3] Inga underarter finns listade i Catalogue of Life.[2]Bildgaller

Weigela florida 'Victoria' - weigela. Weigelas are valuable garden shrubs that grow freely in almost any soil and require little maintenance. They are deciduous shrubs growing 1.5 - 2.0 tall and just a bit less wide. Leaves are ovate to oval Victoria Weigela (Weigela 'Victoria'): 'Victoria's spring show is particularly striking. Its young leaves still have a strong burgundy tinge to compliment the masses of bright pink spring flowers. By mid summer the leaves become deep green, and with full sun you may well see repeat bloom as we move into autumn. At a mature hieght of 6 feet Weigela Florida grows to 10 feet in height and 10 feet across and around, so leave that much room when planting the small shrub from a 2-gallon pot. Plant Weigela in a full sun area for the greatest show of springtime blooms from the growing Weigela. Weigela may also be planted in light shade, flowering will not be as abundant, but blooms will. Sonic Bloom® Red reblooming weigela. Photo: Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc. For sheer romantic charm, few ornamental plants rival the character and beauty of weigela. This old-fashioned deciduous shrub, which bears profuse clusters of flowers in spring, is virtually carefree, save for a bit of pruning.

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  1. e, flowers crimson-pink. Leaf colour: Shoots dark red, then a constant brown-red
  2. Weigela florida ´Victoria´, busk co 3,5 l. storlek. Prisuppgift är inte tillgänglig. Artnr: 6330; Kontakta oss. Mälarträd AB Producentvägen 20 12044 ÅRSTA. Tel: 08-55619170 E-post: carolina@malartrad.se
  3. Weigela florida Victoria. A super, hardy, deciduous shrub with splendid dark foliage producing an abundance of beautifully contrasting vivid, deep, pink tubular shaped flowers throughout the summer. Will add great colour, structure & height to any border also useful as a hedging plant. Full sun or partial shade moist well-drained soil
  4. Weigela 'Victoria' has rich, purple-bronze foliage that provides a magnificent contrast to deep-pink, trumpet-shaped blooms. This enchanting, deciduous shrub is in flower from late spring to early summer, and attracts bees and other pollinating insects with its nectar-rich flowers
  5. « Prakttry (rosenprakttry) ~ Weigela florida 'Purpurea' Prakttry (trädgårdsprakttry) ~ Weigela hyb 'Bristol Ruby' » Kommande händelser Det finns inga kommande händelser
  6. Weigela Flowering Shrubs & Hedges, Weigela Deciduous Shrubs & Hedges, Bush/Shrub Shrubs & Hedges Weigela, Weigela Plant Deciduous Shrubs & Hedges, Bush/Shrub Weigela Deciduous Shrubs & Hedges, 1900 Queen Victoria Coin in Victoria Penny Coins, Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Fragrances for Women, Weigela Summer Shrubs & Hedges
  7. Weigela is a hardy deciduous shrub with a compact rounded habit. It prefers a full sun to part shade position in the garden. During Spring to Summer trumpet shaped flowers will emerge. Varieties include red, white, pink and yellow. Weigela are low maintenance and bird attracting. They are ideal for borders, hedges and containers

Local, Independent & Family-Run Garden Centre Search for: Search for Weigela Plant found in: Weigela middendorffiana, Weigela 'Red Prince', Weigela 'Victoria', Weigela florida 'Pink Poppet', Weigela 'Candida', Weigela . Weigela florida 'Alexandra' is an unmissable variety with striking bronze-purple leaves and prolific hot-pink blooms. Perfect for a warm sunny site, it works well with a variety of herbaceous perennials and other shrubs. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it the prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM)

Weigela puts on a show of red or pink blooms in the early summer and fades into the background as the seasons change. New varieties of weigela can grow anywhere from 1 to 6 feet tall. These plants are also quick growers, reaching their full size after just a few seasons Weigela bushes are old-time favorites, albeit on a tier or two below lilacs, azaleas, and rhododendrons in name recognition. These shrubs took a back seat for a while in popularity, until new cultivars fueled the comeback that they are presently enjoying Dec 15, 2013 - Find Victoria Weigela (Weigela florida 'Victoria') in Burlington Waterdown Dundas Ontario Ontario ON at Connon Nurserie

Shrub with deep bronze-purple leaves. Bell-shaped purple-pink flowers. Flowers late spring to early summer. Height 2m. Spread 1.5m. Sun or part shade An excellent landscape choice, Weigela 'Florida Variegata' is a compact deciduous shrub noted for its handsome variegated foliage and pink flowers. Emerging in early spring, narrowly ovate, mid-green leaves line the gracefully arching branches. They are adorned with creamy-white edges which gradually mature to soft pale yellow. In early summer, the shrub is decorated with clusters of soft rose. Weigela florida 'Pink Poppet' is generally smaller than others of its kind, so great positioned where space is limited. This shrub is dwarf and rounded and has been awarded RHS plants for pollinators status Weigela from Burncoose Nurseries Varieties of Weigela available to buy include the following: WEIGELA 'Black and White' ,WEIGELA 'Bristol Ruby' ,WEIGELA 'Carnaval' ,WEIGELA coraeensis ,WEIGE. « Prakttry (rosenprakttry) ~ Weigela florida 'Polka' Prakttry (trädgårdsprakttry) ~ Weigela florida 'Victoria' » Kommande händelser Det finns inga kommande händelser

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  1. Weigela Victoria provides great contrast in the garden with its deep coloured purple-bronze foliage and pink trumpet-shaped blooms. Flowering form late spring into summer bees and butterflies will undoubtedly be attracted by the necter rich flowers. Upright in habit and easy to maintain this is perfect for adding to any mixed border. Flowers May-June and August
  2. Find Victoria Weigela (Weigela florida 'Victoria') in Toronto, Ontario (ON) at Greenbloom Landscape Design Request a Free Estimate 647-500-5263 Customer Portal Logi
  3. Plant Finder; Lawn, Landscape & Garden Design. Lawn & Turf Topics; Landscaping; Garden Design; Edible Gardenin

Product: Hanging labels Size: 117.0 x 70.0 mm Botanical name: Weigela 'Victoria' Minimum order quantity: 50 Quantity per bundle: 50 Hardy Nursery Stoc 9 Weigela Court is a 3 bedroom, The State of Victoria does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the Property Data and any person using or relying upon such information does so on the basis that the State of Victoria accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any errors,.

Dec 13, 2018 - Explore Alan Jolliffe's board Weigela on Pinterest. See more ideas about plants, shrubs, garden shrubs Serie: FMTLL 70x117 mm Hängeetikett mit 8 cm Gummibändchen Product: Hanging labels Size: 70.0 x 117.0 mm Botanic name: Weigela florida 'Victoria' Minimal order quantity: 50 Amount per bundle: 50 Amount per box: 50 Weigela 'Victoria' Shrubbery suitable for the rock garden normal well-drained as preferable exposure Sun - Partial shade color red it belongs to the family of Caprifoliaceae the flowering period is May - July hight 90 cm - 100 cm density 1 potted seedlings per square meter, diameter pot 18cm It is sold at a price of 10.00 € - code WE1045 Weigela, genus with about 10 species of East Asian flowering shrubs belonging to the family Diervillaceae, some widely grown as ornamentals for their spring and summer flowers. The tubular, white to red blossoms are borne on upright shrubs to 4 metres (13 feet) tall. Most species of Weigela ar Weigela Bristol Ruby Bee Friendly An upright shrub with dark green leaves. Bell-shaped, dark red Weigela Victoria Bee Friendly An upright shrub with deep bronze-purple leaves. Bell-shaped, purple-pink flowers, from late spring to early summer. Read.

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  1. This Weigela has beautiful deep burgundy colored leaves similar to that of Diabolo Ninebark. Java Red purple-leaved Weigela is a beautiful addition to any garden looking for a large shrub that is absolutly abundant with flowers and super hardy to make it through those harsh winters
  2. Weigela Plants are perfect for bird and butterfly lovers with its bright colours, unique form and dense, compact nature make Weigelas the perfect shrub for all gardens and landscapes. Sort By: Default Name (A - Z) Name (Z - A) Price (Low > High) Price (High > Low) Rating (Highest) Rating (Lowest) Model (A - Z) Model (Z - A
  3. Weigela florida 'Victoria' - a wide, bushy, small shrub. We are constantly making our site better and more user friendly for you
  4. Weigela florida 'Pink Princess' is a popular cultivar of Weigela florida, a shrub native to northern China, Korea, and Japan, that flowers profusely. It is a hardy plant, easy to grow and maintain. It grows to a height and width of up to 1.5-1.8 m (5-6 ft) in appropriate conditions, and is thus more compact than the normal Weigela florida , which makes it a more versatile shrub
  5. Weigela 'Victoria' from Thompson & Morgan - Weigela 'Victoria' has rich, purple-bronze foliage that provides a magnific. SHOP.COM UK is the one-stop-shop that helps you buy your favourite brands & products from hundreds of UK merchants, with one simple, secure account & shopping basket
  6. g shrub that can add flair and color to your spring garden. Pruning weigelas helps keep them looking healthy and beautiful. But it can be a little confusing when trying to figure out how and when to trim weigela shrubs. Keep reading to learn more about how to prune weigela shrubs
  7. Weigela: Potted Perennial Plant. How to Plant Weigela Planting Potted Weigela Plants: Choose a location in full sun with moist, well-drained soil. May also be grown in large containers.; Prepare the bed by turning the soil under to a depth of 6-12 inches removing any debris, and lightly raking as level as possible

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  1. WEIGELA ROSEA 50mm Pot. Weigela Rosea (Weigela florida) is a hardy deciduous shrub with a compact rounded habit. This beautiful Weigela produces masses of pale pink trumpet shaped flowers from spring through summer. Weigela is a lovely shrub with a dense growth habit making it ideal for borders and hedges
  2. Zahradnictví Hortus spes - J&V komfort s.r.o. hledání .
  3. Svenskt namn: rosenprakttry. Höjd 0,5-0,8 m; Flerfärgat bladverk med gröna blad och bruna inslag; Krämvita till kraftigt rosafärgade ränder; Rosa blommor i jun


  1. An upright shrub with deep bronze purple leaves. Bell shaped purple pink flowers from late spring to early summer. Height 2m. Spread 1.5m. Flowers from May to June. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy
  2. Weigela Victoria; Weigela Victoria. Description. Small upright shrub with deep bronze-purple foliage and purple pink bell-shaped flowers May-June. Ht. 90cm. Contact Us North Hill Nurseries Ltd Scotts Grove Road Chobham Woking Surrey United Kingdom GU24 8DW . 01276 858800. sales@northhillnurseries.co.uk. Products. Bamboos; Climbers; Ferns
  3. 'Victoria' has deep burgundy leaves that turn dark green as new leaves continue to emerge throughout summer. Flowers are bell shaped dark pink to red colour. This plant is tough and very hardy against frosts, liking a lightly acidic soil. If the pruning is done well with attention to detail then Weigela like other shr
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Weigela 'Victoria' - Victoria weigela : The Dawes Arboretum. Comments: A compact, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub to 5' tall and wide. Noted for its purple colored, 3 long leaves. Pink funnelform flowers are 11/2 across; they open in May and rebloom throughout summer and into early fall WEIGELA FLO. VICTORIA. Product Categories. Bamboo Grasses (28) Climbers (41) Conifers Container Grown (32) Container Grown Shrubs (220) Container Grown Specimens (248) Herbaceous (108) Large Specimen (88) Trees Container Grown (118) Product Search. Search for: Search. This is just one of the many plants currently in stock at Old Hall Nurseries A shrub with dark rose colored flowers and attractive dark green to maroon leaves

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Weigela Victoria found in: Weigela 'Victoria', Weigela 'Victoria' has rich, purple-bronze foliage that provides a magnificent contrast to deep-pink,. Weigela florida Victoria Abundant dark pink trumpet flowers in late spring to late summer. Blackish- purple flushed, dark green foliage. Compact. Ideal for borders. Deciduous Hardy Grown in a 3 litre pot ready for planting Size on delivery: Ht 30cm W 15c WEIGELA FLORIDA VARIEGATA 50mm Pot. Weigela florida 'Variegata' (Weigela florida) is a hardy deciduous shrub with a compact rounded habit. Variegata produces masses of pale pink trumpet shaped flowers from spring through summer, and has the added bonus of beautifully variegated foliage to create a stunning display even when the plant is not flowering Find Victoria Weigela (Weigela florida 'Victoria') in Frankfort Chicago St Johns Tinley Joliet Orland Illinois IL at Alsip Home and Nurser

Weigela Victoria provides great contrast in the garden with its deep coloured purple-bronze foliage and pink trumpet-shaped blooms. Flowering form late spring into summer bees and butterflies will undoubtedly be attracted by the necter rich flowers Weigela 'Victoria' has rich, purple-bronze foliage that provides a magnificent contrast to deep-pink, trumpet-shaped blooms. This enchanting, deciduous shrub is in flower from late spring to early summer, and attracts bees and other pollinating insects with its nectar-rich flowers. Versatile and easy to grow, Weigela is a useful shrub that will tolerate most situations and requires little in. Weigela [Cultivars] 'Victoria' Scientific Name: Weigela Thunb. (Caprifoliaceae) [Cultivars] 'Victoria' Nursery Availability No nurseries found. Taxonomy Levels. Weigela. Weigela [Cultivars] Weigela [Cultivars] 'Victoria' Plant Citations. Horticulture. vol 107, no. 3. (2010) p 56 Parts Shown: Flower Photo. P.H.M.-Revue Horticole. no. 469.

2015-sep-21 - Weigela florida 'Purpurea', prakttry. Rosa blommor på våren, sporadiskt under sommaren och blommar igen på hösten. Ca 1 m hög Diciduous , bushy shrub. Purple/red foliage and dark red flowers in summer. Hardy košík (0,00 Kč) Prodejci: Kompletní nabídk Alternative Names: N/A Description: A mid-sized deciduous shrub with purple flushed, dark green, ovate leaves and clusters of dark pink, tubular flowers in late Spring. Characteristics: Ultimate height of 2.0 m and ultimate width of 1.5 m. Position: Full sun/Partial shade. East/South/West Soil Moisture: Moist, but

Dwarf Variegated Weigela makes a fine choice for the outdoor landscape, but it is also well-suited for use in outdoor pots and containers. Because of its height, it is often used as a 'thriller' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination; plant it near the center of the pot, surrounded by smaller plants and those that spill over the edges Weigela is versatile, growing in both sun and partial shade, although best flowering occurs when you plant your shrub in full sun. There are two exceptions to the full-sun rule. First, in the hottest regions of the country, light afternoon shade helps protect the plant Weigela definition is - any of a genus (Weigela) of showy eastern Asian shrubs of the honeysuckle family; especially : one (W. florida) widely grown for its usually pink or red funnel-shaped flowers This and all future requests should be directed to this URI Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Weigela 'Victoria' 15cm Pot Size at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

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homebird's entry Weigela Florida 'Victoria' in their garden on Grows on You Search in the Articles: weigela. You are not logged in. Down; Home; article Weigela Victoria provides great contrast in the garden with its deep coloured purple-bronze foliage and pink trumpet-shaped blooms. Flowering form late spring into summer bees and butterflies will undoubtedly be attracted by the necter rich flowers. Upright in habit and easy to maintain this is perfect for adding t Find Minuet Weigela (Weigela florida 'Minuet') in Vancouver Victoria Burnaby Penticton Coquitlam British Columbia BC at GardenWork

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