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Photo Gallery - Hoia Baciu Forest World's Most Haunted UFO Forest Photo Gallery of the haunted forest are combined, old pictures from archive and new ones taken this year We will be adding more images here as we take them Hoia Baciu: Creepiest Forest Notorious For Ufo Sightings, Scariest Screams, & Forest Ghost Adventure Dark forests have always been a common source of myths and paranoia. According to fairytales, witches and dark creatures dwell in the deepest parts of these forests, waiting in the shadows for unsuspecting victims

Photo Gallery - Haunted Forest - Hoia Baciu Fores

  1. Hoia Baciu was first linked to UFOs in 1968 when biologist Alexandru Swift took a picture (3rd pic below) of the night sky that was obstructed by what looks like an aerial disc. On August 18, 1968, Emil Barnea captured another photo of what appeared to be more aerial discs above the forest's tree line (1st pic below)
  2. Strax utanför Rumäniens näst största stad Cluj-Napoca ligger skogen Hoia Baciu, ibland kallad världens mest hemsökta skog. Med legender om försvunna flickor, ufon och röster i skogens djup.
  3. Hoia Baciu Forest UFO Sightings. The Hoia Baciu Forest first gained attention in the 1960s, when Alexandra sift a biologist, took several photographs of a flying disc-shaped entity in the sky right above the Hoia Baciu Forest. Email Barnea, a military technician, took a photo of a saucer flying above the hoia-baciu forest in 1968

UFO Sightings at Hoia Baciu Forest. Adding to the many stories of the unexplained to center on the Hoia Baciu Forest are UFO sightings. These are usually reported by those visiting in the vicinity of the Dead Zone and date back to the 1960s. During the following decades, many UFO sightings were made and some photos were captured The Time Travel Portal In The Hoia Baciu Forest: Eventually, in 1968, a curious tourist named Alexandru Sift took the photograph of a strange object inside the forest and many people start believing it an extraterrestrial thing or so-called UFO, claiming the existence of a Ti me Travel Portal somewhere in the forest.. An Eerie Story Of The Disappearance Of A Shepherd In The Hoia Baciu Forest This is Hoia Baciu, just outside Cluj-Napoca, Romania's second city in the depths of Transylvania. It has been called the creepiest forest in the world The UFO witnessed and photographed by Emil Barnea and his group in 1968. Its international infamy can be traced back to August 1968, when a respected military technician from Cluj by the name of Emil Barnea alleged to have witnessed and photographed a UFO over the forest's Poiana Rotundă (The Round Meadow). Barnea was with his girlfriend and two others at the time Skogen Hoia Baciu har varit plats för så många konstiga händelser att till och med lokalbefolkningen tvekar att gå dit. Platsen är kopplad till många rapporter om ufo-observationer. Ett foto taget 1968 av biologen Alexandru Swift visar tydligt ett tefatsliknande objekt på himlen ovanför skogen

Hoia Baciu: Creepiest Forest Notorious For Ufo Sightings

  1. The Hoia-Baciu Forest is probably the most famous place in Romania and certainly the most famous forest in this country. The place became known all around the world since 1968, even if the locals have know it as a bad place and have been avoiding it for a really long time
  2. d. Although it lays a few kilometers away.
  3. The 1968 Hoia-Baciu UFO Sightings. In the early summer's afternoon of 18 th August 1968, Emil Barnea and his girlfriend, Miss Matea, despite repeated warnings from concerned locals, were enjoying a weekend in the Hoia-Baciu Forest along with another couple. Barnea was at the time collecting firewood in anticipation of the drop in temperature at nightfall
  4. The Hoia Forest (Romanian: Pădurea Hoia; Hungarian: Hója-erdő) is a forest situated to the west of the city of Cluj-Napoca, near the open-air section of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania.The forest is used as a common recreation destination. In recent years a biking park has been added to the forest, along with areas for other sports such as paintball, airsoft and archery

The Romanian Hoia Baciu Forest can give the infamous Bermuda Triangle a stiff completion, when it comes to the happening of the mysterious and strange facts. For years, this place has been a center for happening about paranormal and supernatural acts that the modern science has failed to explain Hoia Baciu Forest ( World's Most Haunted Forest ), has a reputation for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events. Reports have included, ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions, faces appearing in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and in the 1970s, UFO sightings were reported

Hoia Baciu,Believed by many to be the most haunted forest in the world,Its in Transylvania is the setting for many unexplained, spooky tales. The oldest Neolithic settlement in Romania (believed. This is the notorious circle of Hoia Baciu that everyone is talking about where no trees grow. It is known for the UFO and ghost sighting. There are no explanations why there is no vegetation there and no scientific explanation has been given so far Hoia Baciu Forest: UFO - See 51 traveler reviews, 25 candid photos, and great deals for Cluj-Napoca, Romania, at Tripadvisor

In the 1970s the Hoia-Baciu forest became famous for the UFO sightings. The most recent UFO was seen in 2002. From the top floor of an apartment building in the adjacent city of Cluj. Two locals recorded a 27 seconds video of a bright cigar shaped object flying over the forest The reports about Hoia-Baciu Forest have included folk ghost stories, apparitions, faces identified in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and, in the late '60s, UFO sightings. Visitors to the forest report anxiety and the feeling of being watched; in addition, the local vegetation is often bizarre (strangely shaped trees, charring on tree stumps and branches) Hoia Baciu forest was an attraction for researchers from all around the world:USA, Hungary, Germany, France. They studied mysteries of the forest for a long time, even managed to take some images of strange figures, lights, UFO THE FOREST. Hoia-Baciu Forest lies in the North-Western part of Romania, in Transylvania, near Cluj-Napoca. The forest is famous since the late '60s, when a military technician caught on camera the best pictures of a UFO above Poiana Rotunda (the round clearing where there is no tree growing for a long time)

Hoia Baciu Forest: World's Most Haunted Forest - Amy's Crypt

Hoia Baciu: The Most Haunted Forest & UFO Hotspot in the

Emil Barnea captured the most famous picture of a UFO in Hoia Baciu in August of 1968. That started the race to the forest, where, in the 1970's, the area was a center of unexplained phenomena. No report is too strange for the Hoia Baciu Forest. Pictures taken within the forest show the outlines of people who no one saw when they were in the. The forest first rose to international notoriety for being a hotbed of UFO activity. ring the 60s and 70s. In 1968 a photographee captured an alleged flying disc above the forest and since then the forest has been of interest to scientists and nations ever since. However, this isn't where the Hoia Baciu's legend even begins. IV. Legend

Why is the Baciu Hoia Forest scary? Over the years, several stories and legends were written about the Hoia Baciu Forest.The stories have mainly the following themes: a place where people disappear, the ghost stories, a portal to another world and UFO sightings, etc Here are 28 interesting facts about Hoia Baciu forest circle: #1 It is a forest situated to the west of the city of Cluj-Napoca, in the Transylvania region, Romania, at longitude - 23.516407 and latitude - 46.774201. #2 The forest has an area of 3 square kilometers (1 square mile). #3 It is better known as the Bermuda Triangle of Eastern Europe

Jul 12, 2016 - Explore abby reed's board Hoia Baciu Forest, followed by 132 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hoia baciu forest, Haunted forest, Forest Strax utanför Rumäniens näst största stad Cluj-Napoca ligger skogen Hoia Baciu, ibland kallad världens mest hemsökta 22 SEP 2019 AFTONBLADET TV NYHETER Misstänkt ufo fångat på film.

iFokus är ett nätverk av intressesajter om allt mellan himmel och jor In addition to the medieval history, a UFO sighting in the late 1960s further bolstered the site's paranormal legacy. More recently, the forest has garnered extra attention thanks to the Travel Channel television show Ghost Adventures filming an investigation there. Local Legends Surrounding Hoia Baciu Fores The Haunted Forest, known as Hoia Baciu has many stories that go along with it. Stories range from Ghosts and spirits to ufo's. Visitors to the forest have frequently experienced nausea, disorientation and other physical ailments. ufo sightings have also been commonly associated with the area and there is no shortage of reports involving Ghosts and apparitions It's home to UFOs, to mysterious red and orange lights filtering through the dense growth at night, disappearing children, odd feelings, and an unexplained circle wherein no living thing can grow. Hoia-Baciu Forest, sometimes just Hoia Forest, is a wooded area atop some high ground amid a cluster of small towns in Cluj County, northwestern Romania

Hoia Baciu in Romania claims to be the world's most haunted forest. Its connection with UFO-sightings goes back to the late 1960s when a biologist took photos of some unexplained lights over the forest. Soon after, a military technician took photos of flying orbs, and similar reports of flying objects over the forest followed through the 1970s The Hoia-Baciu Forest has a reputation for paranormal activity. People have witnessed several strange events on the land. The most common phenomenon includes seeing mysterious orb-like lights, female voices, giggling, apparitions, and cases of people being scratched. In the 1970s, the area was a hotbed for UFO sighting and unexplained lights

Hoia Baciu - världens mest hemsökta skog Aftonblade

The Hoia Baciu Forest Circle The Hoia Baciu forest circle seems to be the epicenter of the paranormal incidents that come from the area - this is a dead area where nothing ever grows. Over the years, soil samples have been taken from the site and analyzed but the results show nothing out of the ordinary - there is no real reason why vegetation is not growing in this area Hoia Baciu Forest, Cluj-Napoca: Läs recensioner av resenärer som du och se professionella bilder på Hoia Baciu Forest i Cluj-Napoca, Rumänien på Tripadvisor

Hoia Baciu Forest was our final destination and what a night to remember! There are urban legends regarding this place, stories of witches, UFOs and paranormal activity. All of them are nonsense. It is a nice place for a walk, or a good bike route, and maybe a picnic UFO New video near HOIA BACIU forest CLUJ Transilvania. DREDETEAN LIVIU-RADU. Follow. 5 years ago | 2.9K views. UFO New video near HOIA BACIU forest CLUJ Transilvania. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 2:30 THE SIGHTING: In the morning of August 18, 1968, Emil Barnea, a 45 year old construction technician, which had been an officer in the army, known for his integrity, and his girlfriend Zamfira Mattea, aged 34, employee in a charity organization, were taking a walk and went towards the wood of Hoia-Baciu, near the city of Cluj in Romania The Hoia Baciu forest is home to many strange events and theories. Perhaps with new scientific breakthroughs answers and explanations will follow suit. But until then this eerie, one of a kind forest will remain a mystery

The Hoia Baciu Forest - Haunted Forest, Circle, Facts

Hoia Baciu Forest: World's Most Haunted Forest - Amy's Cryp

The Hoia-Baciu Forest was a taboo subject for a long time, because people were afraid to even talk about it since the place was considered to be cursed and even dwelled by the Devil. Alexandru Sift, a biologist started to study those paranormal phenomena that were supposed to happen in the oak wood

The Dark Secrets Of The Hoia Baciu Forest - Mysteriesrunsolve

Hoia Baciu: Inside the creepiest forest in Transylvania

Just a short drive outside Cluj-Napoca in the Transylvania region of Romania, the Hoia-Baciu Forest has many nicknames, including Romania's Bermuda Triangle, and the most-haunted forest in the world.Why? Over the years there have been thousands of reports about paranormal activity here, including UFOs, ghosts, and disappearances Patruţ's paper, 'The phenomena of the Hoia-Baciu wood, in Transylvania', described phenomena that, in Murdie's words, 'suggest a cross between a UFO window area and a giant natural séance.' These included 'strange lights, flying objects with regular geometry and fast-moving apparitions at ground level. Photo Gallery - Hoia Baciu Forest World's Most Haunted UFO Forest. 28 Interesting Facts About Hoia Baciu Forest Circle - Insight state. Hoia Baciu Forest Circle has become popular among researchers from all corners of the world due to its remarkably high amount of mysterious phenomena

The Hoia-Baciu Forest: Is This the Most Haunted Forest in

As mentioned above, The Hoia-Baciu Forest is situated near Cluj-Napoca, Romania and it covers an area of over 250 hectares. The forest has got a big reputation for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events. Reports have included from ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions and sounds, to an intense UFO activity We are talking of a forest located in Romania which is today dubbed as the Romanian Bermuda Triangle. There are many creepy stories about people going missing and UFO sightings in that forest. Let us learn 20 interesting Hoia Baciu Forest facts and find out what makes the place so creepy and haunted. Interesting Hoia Baciu Forest Facts: 1-10. 1 Hoia Baciu forest is certainly the most haunted forest in Europe, maybe even the world, but what makes this lesser known place such a gladiator for hauntings? Though Hoia forest has had its fair share of visitors seeing and photographing apparitions and even claiming to have been thrown to the ground by an invisible force, the biggest mystery lies in the heart of the forest

Hoia Baciu - hemsökta skogen är världens Allt om Reso

Hoia Baciu Forest: UFO - See 51 traveller reviews, 25 candid photos, and great deals for Cluj-Napoca, Romania, at Tripadvisor Since then the Hoia Baciu Forest has become something of a UFO hunting hotspot. With countless photo evidence being produced right up to the present day. The majority of UFO and paranormal activity in the Hoia Baciu Forest is known to come out out a large clearing towards the middle of the forest but more of that later The Hoia Baciu Forest is located in Romania and is often referred to as Romania's Bermuda Triangle. There have been reports of paranormal activity, ghost sightings, faces appearing in photographs and many UFO sightings. The forest gained it's name from a shepherd who disappeared while herding a flock of 200 sheep Given its eerie atmosphere, it's no wonder the Hoia-Baciu Forest is said to be one of the most haunted forests in the world. As such, it's a place that lends well to stories steeped with darkness

If you're afraid of the dark then stay as far away as you can from the Hoia Baciu Forest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The trees are so dense and numerous that light itself doesn't pass through their gaps and so the darkness is so permeating that you are left looking directly at your hand and yet not seeing it with your own two eyes. The atmosphere is so eerie that you can't even listen to. Travel west of the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, and you'll find the 729-acre forest of Hoia Baciu. What appears to have started out as a few folktales has sprung up into the Hoia Baciu forest becoming known as one of the most haunted places in the world. It's also known by locals, as Romania's Bermuda [

Hoia Baciu Forest : Paranormal - reddi

The Hoia-Baciu Forest ( World's Most Haunted Forest ) has a reputation for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events. Reports have included, ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions, faces appearing in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and in the 1970s, UFO sightings were reported Someone swears he saw ghosts wandering in the wood, others say to have seen aliens, strange lights, and UFOs wandering above the wood, but the real Hoia Baciu's mystery remains its trees. Forest stretches 250 hectares and even if it's old more than two hundred years, trees seem still very young, with thin trunks and with unusual form, to say a few

2013: Haunted Romania – the Hoia-Baciu Forest - Think-AboutIt

Believed by many to be the most haunted forest in the world, Hoia Baciu in Transylvania is the setting for many unexplained, spooky tales. It also doesn't help that the trees are bent and twisted in seemingly unnatural ways, giving the woods a horror movie feel Hoia-Baciu Forest, near Cluj-Napoca, is one of them, being included by BBC Channel in the top 5 most haunted forests in the world. The story of the forest begins in the early '60s when lots of paranormal phaenomena, UFO apparitions and people dissapearances were announced The Hoia-Baciu Forest has a reputation for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events. Reports have included, ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions, faces appearing in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and in the 1970s, UFO sightings were reported.Visitors to the forest often report intense feelings of anxiety and the feeling of being constantly watched

Expedia Brings You to the 8 CREEPIEST Places in the World10 Most Haunted Places in the World - Flamingo TransworldExploring Transylvania - The haunted forest of Hoia BaciuInteresting Facts #11 Paranormal Forest (Hoia-Baciu Forest

Hoia-Baciu skogen kan man hitta i hjärtat av Transsylvanien, Rumänien,strax utanför den gamla staden Cluj-Napoca. Ofta kallads för Rumäniens Bermudiatriangel den täta skogen är känt för sina paranormala aktiviteter- inklusive UFO-observationer, Okroppsliga skrik och visioner som fångats på kamer Aliens & UFO; Mystery; Submit/Contribute; News. Asteroid 4 Vesta | So large & bright that it can be seen with the naked eye. The Others. July 10, 2018. News. South Atlantic Anomaly,radically changes the Earth's magnetic field. The Others. July 9, 2018. News. Mesentery: Scientists have discovered a new organ within the human body People who live near the Hoia Baciu forest swear it's haunted. According to local stories, a shepherd disappeared along with his flock. In another story, a child disappeared only to return several years later with no memory of what happened to her. There's another story of a farmer who claimed to have spotted a UFO hovering over The Clearing

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