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IR Instructions Official Celestion Impulse Responses. Celestion Impulse Responses are professionally recorded guitar speakers made digital. You can add them straight to your guitar sound either on your desktop Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or in your standalone amp/cab modelling hardware and immediately get awesome speaker tone, just like you're being recorded by a world-class engineer in. Two notes Audio Engineering are among the industry-leaders when it comes to the emulation of guitar amplifier and cabinet tone. Celestion have collaborated with them to bring our Impulse Responses to the users of the Two notes Torpedo hardware and Wall of Sound software.. These are all new IR captures, closely following the Two notes IR recording protocol Celestion G12H 55Hz Speaker - 60s Rock Mojo in IR Form October 29, 2018. Celestion G12H 55 Speaker - Distinctive 60s rock tone that continues to inspire hard rock guitarists of the modern era - Now available as an IR

I put together an IR comparison that some of you may find helpful. It's a comparison between 3 different brands: 1) Ownhammer (run in Pulse IR loader) 2) Celestion (run in Pulse IR loader) 3) Two Notes (run in their Wall of sound editor). There are 3 different sounds here. 1) Vox AC-30 2x12.. Celestion design, develop and manufacture premium guitar and bass speakers, as well as high quality professional audio loudspeakers and compression driver Just by way of a suggestion, I do think it would be useful if Celestion provided an impulse loader to complete the package: certainly there are a number of options available (including some very good freeware) and some amp-sims allow third party impulses to be loaded into them directly, but not all loaders are created equal, and it might be nice for a new user to be able to use their libraries. 3 Neumann CTLM 107 room IR's; stereo, left and right. 12 mic mixes, 6 hi-gain and 6 lo-gain. The 421+121 is great! Great logic and organization, and not too many files and options. Like a cross between 3Sigma and Ownhammer. Soundwise, these Celestion are a bit more controlled and predictable IR to IR than say my Ownhammer California Duo pack

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Celestion från Thomann - Europas största musikaffär. En deal med 30 dagars öppet köp och 3 års garanti Celestion har två gratis IR på sin hemsida som är lämpliga att börja med för att se om man överhuvudtaget tycker att de är på rätt väg. Med tanke på det relativt låga priset på de IR man sedan kan köpa, kan så gott som alla köpa IR för den högtalarlåda/element man tror man tycker bäst om och testa mera för att sedan komplettera där man tycker det behövs 412 MR82 V30 IR P2P | 14 Nov 2020 | 547.3 MB ♧..:: Impulse Response Libraries ::.. [Cabinet] 412 MR82 based on a Marshall 1982B tall 4×12 cabinet.[Speaker] V30A and V30B based on Celestion Vintage 30's

The Neo Creamback is every ounce a Classic Celestion, delivering all the magical tone you'd get from a traditional Creamback. G12T-75 Weapon of choice for Yngwie Malmsteen, the G12T-75 is a high powered rock player's dream with a tight low-end and aggressive mid-range I load the cabs I use into the user file and indicate the IR number in my patch name. e.g. Crunch 2 IR14. The weird thing about IRs is that I obsess about the differences between them for FRFR, but for input into the return (power amp in) of my tube amp, my speakers (Egnater Elite-50, souped up Celestion GH12-30) ways sound great and I have never thought that I need a new cab or new speakers. Celestion IRs. Celestion impulse responses are the best-selling IRs in the business for a reason - they bring the realism and depth of the most classic guitar speakers of all time to your DAW or IR loading device, without the hassle of having to mic up a cabinet or play at ear-splitting volumes I tried celestion IR's and found them to be rather sterile and lifeless. I really wanted to like them thinking how could a speaker manufacturer get it wrong, but alas, I never gelled with them. ML Sound lab have, for the present time, become my favorite. They are very balanced IR's. For recording, they sit in a mix very well

MR-JCM81 guitar speaker cabinet IR library, based on a

CelestionのIRとその買い方について紹介します。スピーカーで有名なCelestionですが、デジタルであるIRも確かな品質です。有料IRをお探しにはおすすめします Celestion G12-35XC - IR Library Available Now August 13, 2018. Celestion G12-35XC Impulse Response Library - This increasingly rare 90th Anniversary Limited Edition speaker can now be enjoyed in digital form This video walks through how to download and load the Celestion IR files included with the HeadRush Pedalboard. Make sure to visit www.celestionplus.com/head.. Celestion är ett anrikt företag som patenterade sina första högtalarelement redan 1924 med dåvarande ägarna Eric Mackintosh & Cyril French. Mot slutet av 50-talet tillverkade Celestion världens första högtalarelement speciellt konstruerad för gitarrförstärkare - den numera legendariska Blue som kom att bli soundet av 60-talets invasion av brittiska rock- och pop-band världen. 今回はCelestionのIRを紹介していきます。CelestionとはCelesitonとは世界一有名なギタースピーカー屋さんです。主にVOXやMarshallなどで使われてきました。双璧を成すメーカーとして、Fenderなどに採用され

Speaker for Electric Guitar Size: 12, Power capacity: 60 W RMS, Impedance: 8 Ohm, 100 dB / W / m, Official 12 guitar speaker with extremely high efficiency and warm sound. Expert recommendation In this video I am showing you the difference between using a real speaker and microphone and the Celestion IR pack using the same speaker and microphone. Gi.. IR って凄く良い音が鳴るのに、大体1000円くらいで買えるんですよね。 今回紹介した Celestion 公式 IR も約12$、執筆時点のレートで1300円くらいです。BIAS AMP Elite は約1万円ですからね、凄いコスパの差です Comparison: 3:02 Impulse Response comparison of these two classic guitar speakers from Celestion Affiliate Links: Celestion Impulse Responses: https://www.ce..

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This video walks through how to download and load the Celestion IR files included with the HeadRush Pedalboard. Warranty and Technical Support Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a HeadRush product, or if you just have a pre-sales question, the HeadRush technical support team is available to help IR informations : The preamp used is the TubePreamp2 (JJ Selected Gold). Custom 112 CAB loaded with a Celestion® G12H30 Anniversary, 16 ohms; 9 dynamic mics, 1 ribbon mic, 90 IR files in WAV 44 kHz forma Celestion offers a range of different impulse response download options, corresponding to a selection of our classic speakers. Each speaker has been recorded in 5 cabinet combinations, with 3 different microphones, each in 6 different positions, plus a few extra mixes, creating an extensive IR library for each one Edit 3/16: Jay Mitchell's Fender IR (for those who missed it when he made it available a couple weeks ago). He asked me to only publish this in Amplifire's CAB format so the WAV is not available. Edit 6/2: Jay Mitchell's Marshall IR. Edit 2/20/16: Somehow I neglected to post the Clawfinger IR set Edited 12/20/17

I updated my IR collection mentioned just above this post. There are now 3 zip files in there, using 3 different input profiles on Mama Bear. a group with an input profile for an under-saddle piezo for an acoustic. 1xx_Dtar_type of guitar_ir a group with an input profile for a Fishman PowerBridge. bxx_Dtar_type of guitar_i In this video, I show you how to quickly and easily load Celestion Impulse Responses into Positive Grid BIAS AMP to hone your tones to perfection! For info o..

Celestion G12H 55Hz Speaker - 60s Rock Mojo in IR For

  1. Celestion IR Comparisons 2 years 2 months ago #18623 rose703 - You can never have too many IRs I say:lol: Of course I understand not wanting to buy a bunch of duplicate stuff. I just took a brief look and I don't think there is any overlap with any of the IRs I showed in this video
  2. IR - Overdriven-112 - Celestion® Classic Lead™ - Home Studio Edition - Free Guitar Cab Impulse Responses download Created : August 30, 2020 Updated : August 30, 202
  3. Here is a short review/demo of the new impulse responses from celestion. They were released last month at NAMM and IMO they really hit it out of the park wit..
  4. Celestion G12 NEO Creamback 16 Ohms. 1 666 SEK. 8 . Celestion G12H-150 Redback 16 Ohms. 1 555 SEK. Celestion Midnight 60 8 Ohms. 888 SEK. 42 . Celestion G12H-75 Creamback 16 Ohm. Controls: Reverb, IR Level,... 1 899 SEK. Till produkter (1) Nyligen sedda . Thomann ComboDesk88 - designed by Zaor
  5. Included with Reactive Load I.R. are 16 impulse responses of authorized Suhr speaker cabinets created by Celestion. Included are impulse responses from the Suhr Badger, Bella, Hedgehog, PT, and 412 cabinets. For a full list of included impulse responses, please see the user guide
  6. Celestion IR digital downloads are available in uncompressed, industry standard .WAV format at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz sample rates at 24 bit depth, in lengths of 200 and 500 milliseconds Once the files are downloaded and unzipped, users simply load the IRs into a convolution plug-in in their DAW or into other processing hardware

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@kgm said in Celestion IR Pack: @teaguestob said in Celestion IR Pack: Which specific Celestion 15 IRs are included in the Bias 2 Elite version? There are 15 Celestion IRs, but I can only find 5 listed on the website. AFAIK all IRs are provides as 112, 212 and 412, which may explain the number of 15 (3x5 I now bought the Redwirez AC30 Blue IR and will test that one out over Christmas. They sounded less fizzy on YouTube at least. Maybe it's important to mention that while I was okay with the Celestion one through the PA and our wedges (after roll off and EQ) I really don't like the sound over the IEMs we are using now

Get the best deals on Celestion when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices IR - Overdriven-212 - Celestion® G12 T75 - Home Studio Edition - Free Guitar Cab Impulse Responses download Created : September 14, 2020 Updated : September 18, 202 I am just curious if anyone has tried the Celestion Ruby IR.... (any variation of cab) yet? I just picked up a 5 pack from Celestion.... mostly the old faithfuls such as a 2x12 Open Back with Blue Bells, a G12M Greenbacks and Vintage 30s both in closed back cabs, and an A series 2x12 Open Back. I.. With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture premium guitar and bass loudspeakers, and high-quality professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement. Th. Ipswich. 249 Tracks. 188 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Celestion Speakers on your desktop or mobile device

Celestion reissued the 65 as part of its Heritage Series of speakers as the model has developed an interesting following by many players. For my applications in Marshall amplifiers used for rock, it is easily my least favorite speaker in the lineup of Celestion's offerings. It's just a bit too gritty on the top end. G12T-7 The legendary Marshall 1960 is the first cabinet we ever sampled. It's still one of our favorites. Loaded with four 25-watt Celestion G12M Greenback speakers, this beast muscles out power chords and rips through solos with an iconic sound all its own. The free Marshall 1960 IR Pack is a bonus for signing up to receive updates about Redwirez Orange® PPC 112 loaded with a Celestion® V30 16 ohms, recorded directly on the floor (more low-end) 10 dynamic mics, 4 ribbon mics, 101 IR files in WAV 44 kHz format 14 microphones That's huge - it really does make using Celestion IR's better and easier on BA2 than on any other platform. Moreover, what we offer for $100 is available from Celestion for $150, which is actually a good deal for the customer I looped a simple riff, then recorded a comparison using Rigbusters Mezzabarba with Celestion IR. IR Loader in DAW vs Kemper vs Kemper with Pure Cabinet. First 3 riffs all Celestion V30 412 C SM57 Fat: NadIR - Kemper - Kemper with Pure Cabinet On Next 3 riffs all Celestion G12H Anniversary 412 C SM57 Fat: NadIR - Kemper - Kemper with Pure.

Celestion Celestion Gold IR Collection UPC: 91-010-0055-01 The official Celestion Gold guitar speaker impulse response cab collection: including 1x12 closed back, 1x12 open back, 2x12 closed back, 2x12 open back and 4x12 closed back cabinets Johan Segeborn on YouTube recently uploaded this great, comprehensive comparison between the vintage 60's Alnico and 70's Greenback Celestion speakers Celestion IR's. Long.names. (Windows) RobDenizen; Mar 20th 2018; RobDenizen. Beginner. Likes Received 5 Posts 18. Copy the .wav files out of one of the Celestion zip files into an empty directory. Do not copy the Celestion.zip directories (I.e. Shure SM57),. Celestion Celestion G12-35XC IR Collection UPC: 91-010-0073-01 The official Celestion G12-35XC guitar speaker impulse response cab collection: including 1x12 closed back, 1x12 open back, 2x12 closed back, 2x12 open back and 4x12 closed back cabinets

MR-AX1960_G12M25 guitar impulse response IR library, basedSuhr Pete Thorn PT-15 IR 2x12 Cabinet | mattsmusic

Experience authentic Laney tone with this official Celestion® IR recording of the Black Country Custom LA412 cabinet: the authentic replica of the cab used by Tony Iommi for Black Sabbath's recordings and tours up until 1979, featuring four Celestion Heritage G12H (75Hz) speakers I just downloaded cabmaker and am going ot buy some Celestion IR's . Not sure which sample rate I should download them in .They do offer kemper as an option. Thanks for your help

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  1. Celestion Alnico Blue official virtual cab sim IR for Two notes Torpedo hardware (cab sim and load box) and Torpedo Wall of sound, the cab sim plugin
  2. Celestion Launches IR Video Contest. Ipswich, UK (March 1, 2017)—Celestion is inviting participants to submit a video showing how they use the UK speaker manufacturer's new Impulse Responses (IRs), for a chance to win a host of prizes, including a pair of Celestion speakers
  3. Unprecedented IR Technology. Iridium provides full stereo 24bit 96kHz resolution for the entire 500 milliseconds of its impulse responses, delivering a level of speaker cabinet realism unprecedented in outboard effects. Learn more about Iridium

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Celestion Celestion Cream - 2x12 (Open) Cab IR. UPC: 91-010-0059-01. The official Celestion Cream guitar speaker impulse response, recorded in a 2x12 open back cabinet. Works with: Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, Helix Native, HX Effects, HX Stomp. Celestion F12-X200. Available immediately. Available immediately. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Standard Delivery Times. £142 Add to Basket: 4% bought Celestion G12 NEO Creamback 8 Ohms: £144: 4% bought Celestion G12H-150 Redback 8 Ohms: £133: 4% bought the box Speaker 12-280/8-A If you are like me you probably only started hearing about Celestion Creambacks when you were on the cusp of buying the Marshall DSL40c but were unsure if it was worth the buy. Scroll through any review page of the amp and I will guarantee ya within the first 10 reviews someone will have mentioned swapping out the stock for a Creamback to give it the edge it needs and get rid of some of its.

Celestion IR Pack. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Thomas Daugherty last edited by . Hello! I bought Bias Amp 2 Elite a couple of weeks ago, and I'm loving it. It's inspired me to learn about all the different components of my real amps so I can build them and experiment with modifications Stream G12H-75 Creamback IR, a playlist by Celestion Speakers from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. G12H-75 Creamback IR by Celestion Speakers published on 2017-01-11T14:05:08Z. Contains tracks. G12H Creamback 112C by Celestion Speakers published on 2017-01-11T14:05. MRSH 412 T75 IR IR Library | 30 October 2020 | 23 MB The MRSH 412 T75 Cab Pack is based on a vintage Marshall™ 1960A 4×12 cabinet loaded with the original Celestion™ G12T-75 speakers from magesy download 1990. Captured from magesy download the top selling British made 4×12, this iconic cabinet incapsulates nostalgic tones [ Celestion: Suhr 4x12 Vintage 30 Celestion: Suhr 4x12 Vintage 30. Use this official Celestion® IR recording to add the accurate tones of a Suhr 4×12 closed back cabinet loaded with Vintage 30 speakers to your IR collection. Use this official Celestion® IR.. Celestion Debuts BN10-200X Bass Impulse Response. View from the Top: Andy Farrow, Celestion. The G10 Greenback IR was recorded using three microphones, the Sennheiser MD421, the Shure SM57 and the Royer R-121 ribbon, each placed in six unique positions around the speaker, titled with the IR files as Thin, Fat, Balanced, Bright, Dark and Dark 2

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  1. V. Celestion v type vs g12t75 Jun 27, 2018 · Celestion, the celebrated manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers, debuted the V-Type IR as the latest addition to their acclaimed line of Impulse Responses, the definitive digital representations of the company's renowned classic tones
  2. 112 VC15 SLV-12B IR P2P | 31 October 2020 | 369 MB. The 112 VC15 is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a Vox® AC15H1TVL hardwood mahogany 1×12 open back combo. The SLV-12B is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a 12 inch, 8-ohm, 75-Hz Pulsonic cone Celestion® T1088 silver AlNiCo speaker made in April of 1967
  3. And I too already own the only four Celestion® IR's I'd ever need. I'd check out the Red Wirez collection of free IR's of a 4X12 w/25wGreenbacks with like 15 different classic mics. Neuman, Royer, Shure, Etc,.). there's a few more that are just as useful as the band names - in fact I've found many free IR's OF Celestion speakers that actually sound better than Celestions® themselves
  4. Celestion Bows IR Speaker Tones. Celestion has added Neo Creamback guitar speaker tones to its expanding line of Impulse Responses (IRs). Celestion Impulse Responses are the definitive digital representations of the company's renowned classic guitar speaker tones, offers company promotional materials
Fender FSR ‘65 Princeton Reverb Celestion G12-M Creamback

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  1. Stream Seventy 80 IR Samples, a playlist by Celestion Speakers from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. Seventy 80 IR Samples by Celestion Speakers published on 2019-10-09T15:27:07Z. Contains tracks. Seventy 80 1x12 Open Back Cab by Celestion Speakers published on 2019-10.
  2. Celestion Celestion G12-35XC -1x12 (Open) Cab IR. UPC: 91-010-0069-01. The official Celestion G12-35XC guitar speaker impulse response, recorded in a 1x12 open back cabinet. Works with: Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, Helix Native, HX Effects, HX Stomp.
  3. Celestion Announces their Impulse Response (IR) Video Contest Ipswich, UK(February 28, 2017) —Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers and professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement applications, is excited to launch a new contest, in which participants are invited to submit a video showing how they use Celestion Impulse Responses (IRs), for a chance to win.
  4. Hi! IR beginner here. I have purchased the V30 IR from Celestion and a couple more V30s from Ownhammer and even stocked some free ones. My question is should I be expecting big differences between IRs of different makers given the same speakers
  5. Ipswich, UK (February 28, 2017) —Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers and professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement applications, is excited to launch a new contest, in which participants are invited to submit a video showing how they use Celestion Impulse Responses (IRs), for a chance to win a host of prizes including a pair of Celestion speakers.
  6. Great deals on Celestion Home Speakers and Subwoofers. It's a great time to upgrade your home theater system with the largest selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items

Two: A 8 ohm Celestion elements with low RF at 75Hz and a low Q value (0.5) will tend to have less speaker damping and control in an open back than a 16 ohm version with a lifted RF to say 85Hz and an increased Q-value of ~ 0.65 and a slighlty lower risk of cone cry in the open back cab From producers Joe Quick and Chris Lucas comes the next evolution in guitar cabinet modeling. Recorded on world class SSL G Series Preamps with our ACE technology, 3 Sigma Audio Cab Impulses set the new standard in guitar tone. 40 mix ready impulses provide a full sonic portrait of the cabinet with unparalleled realism and response The All-Celestion IR is a carefully balanced all around mic mix that details everything there is from the bass (though maybe a bit sterile for some applications), the AKG D112 IRs emphasize the deep bass and the U47 FET has the mid range loft you'd expect from that mic

FE-SREV72_CTS guitar impulse response IR library, based on

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(Celestion say that the CL80 is the same as the G12-80, but I don't know why they say that - since it's quite obviously not, either physically or tonally.) I agree with 1973Marshall - the MC90 sounds chunkier, richer and more resonant than the CL80, which is tighter, harder and has a slightly metallic top-end Celestion debuted the G12T-75 IR as the latest addition to its line of Impulse Responses, the definitive digital representations of the company's renowned classic tones. Known also by many players as the T75, the Celestion G12T-75 was originally conceived in the '80s, as a hot rodded more powerful version of the company's G12M Greenback. Five individual IR varieties [ Share - Celestion ir. (best selection) FREE IRS PACK. Celestion ir. (best selection) FREE IRS PACK. 25 viewed per day. $52.00 Free Shipping. from bogota, Colombia • New.

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recording room picture by Felix Gebhard control room pictures by Yelda Yilmaz Impressum. Studio Nord - Mühlenfeldstrasse 23 - 28355 Bremen Vertreten durch: Gregor Hennig - email: gregor@studio-nord.net Verantwortungsbereich: Das Impressum gilt für die Internetpräsenz unter der Adresse: www.studio-nord.net / www.studio-nord-bremen.de / www.stdnrd.de / www.stdnrd.com / www.stdnrd.net / www. Today marks the start of 4 days of huge savings across our entire range of Celestion IRs! - including single IR cabinets and full cabinet collections.* This is your best chance to get your hands on authentic Celestion tone at amazingly low prices! Through till 11.59pm UT on Monday, we are offerin.. ProConvolver, Z-curve & Celestion IR's 2 years 11 months ago #17479 Am I right in thinking that the Z curve control gradually adds EQ to the IR in order to emulate the impedance of a speaker? in which case zero is a straight line and ten is a full-on curve A free IR download, mixed for us by producer/engineer Cenzo Townshend, is available here. 2. Load up the IRs into your setup (amp modeller, DAW, etc.) and record a video showing Celestion IRs in action. Please include either Celestion Impulse Response or Celestion IR in the title of the video. 3 Hello. I have upgraded my desktop (windows) Bias Amp 2 from Pro to Elite. This gave me access to some Celestion IR. I also use sometime the iPad app. I thought the upgrade would be available on that app too... but the Celestion IR are still blocked. Do I.

Guitar Speakers - 8, 10, 12 and 15 inch - Celestion

IR Convolution Reverb Library (4.8 GB) Download for free this massive library of high-definition impulse responses for the Waves IR-series reverb plugins, for optimal sonic depth and dimension. After you download, follow these steps to install the library Re: Celestion IR's I tried the ones they gave away a while ago and it didn't sound any better than the old pack from Redwirez so I haven't bothered to check them out again. Depending on what music you make I would recommend visiting Lancaster Audio, they also have a very nice IR loader free AA Celestion Speakers, Ipswich, Suffolk. 280K likes. The official Celestion Speakers page. Click here: http://celestion.com/dealers/ to find your nearest..

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Firehawk V30 vs Celestion IR Welcome to the Line 6 forums! Why is Line 6 not responding??? Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets. macOS 10.15 Catalina Compatibility. UPDATE 5/18/20: Line 6/YGG COVID-19 Company Status. Line 6 Product Warranties Extended 90 Days - Repairs Via Service Centers Celestion DITTON 15 Vintage 1st version/Early Badge/Picture Frame Grills Superb . £115.00. Click & Collect. £22.00 postage. Celestion Ditton 66, Fully Working. £1,000.00. Collection in person. or Best Offer. 10 watching. Celestion Ditton 15 XR Vintage Speakers. £100.00. Collection in person RECORD, PLAY LIVE & PRACTICE with the Suhr Reactive Load IR. Do it all with what is widely regarded as the industry standard for accurate speaker cabinet load replacement and built-in impulse responses of real Suhr cabinets and incredible mic combinations, all captured by Celestion The Celestion G12M-25 Greenback 12 Speaker is a reproduction of the early ceramic magnet version of the G12, now referred to as the Greenback. Delivers the raw sound of '60s rock, ideally suited for twin combos or 4 x 12 cabs. The Celestion G12M-25 Greenbach Speaker handles 25W Celestion Ditton 15 speakers. Condition is Used. These were my brother in law's speakers, have linked them up & they sound very good

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List of Computer Music products from manufacturer Celestion. subdirectory_arrow_left Gear and instruments {{parentCat.categoryName_sPlural}} subdirectory_arrow_left Computer Musi Cabinets IR. Sort by. Choptones Cabinets IR are the best choice for your sessions and recordings. A wide choice of vintage and modern cabinets captured with a premium chain of various preamps and microphones. V30 Essentials vol1 Cabinet IR. Regular price €14,90. Bogie OS 412 V30 Essential Cabinet IR. Regular price €5,90. Hess 212. Celestion Celestion Blue IR Collection UPC: 91-010-0018-01 The official Celestion Blue guitar speaker impulse response cab collection: including 1x12 closed back, 1x12 open back, 2x12 closed back, 2x12 open back and 4x12 closed back cabinets Impulse response bank Celestion Impulse Responses (IR): 34 images and 5 classified The maker of Celestion speakers has started selling a line of impulse responses for seven of their own classic Celestion speaker models. Other companies have been selling IRs of Celestion speakers for years so they might as well produce some officially and get paid for it while bringing attention to their brand. Plus Celestion is offering a free impulse response to download and test

Celestion speakers have been powering the sound of rock music for over half a century. Musicians worldwide rely on Celestion speakers for their fantastic sound and exceptional reliability. Whether it's the speaker in your guitar amp or a replacement PA speaker component, Celestion tests each speaker series rigorously to make sure you're getting a great-sounding speaker that's built to last Great deals on Celestion Guitar Amplifiers. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items Celestion IR Sale SALE NOW ON! 4 Days of Massive Black Friday Deals at CelestionPlus! Today marks the start of 4 days of huge savings across our entire range of Celestion IRs!* This will be your best chance to get your hands on some authentic Celestion IRs at amazingly low prices! CelestionPlus.com Friday - BUY 1 GET 1 HALF PRICE

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